Since 2002 I have been building and maintaining websites and website related projects. My first major products were produced working with three area newspaper websites. For four years I worked posting daily updates and helped develop various website projects including automobile, real estate and community themed sections. This on-the-job training led me to starting my web design/computer repair business in 2006.


My experience has led to working with diverse platforms in establishing an online presence. With the establishment of Content Management Systems and working with several, I now produce most of my websites using WordPress.


If you have some experience with building a site and want to do the work but need expert help for more advanced features…I can help.


To be listed high up in the search engines is always the goal for any website that wants more business. For major campaigns I refer to companies that specialize in SEO that will charge a monthly fee over many months to try and establish a higher ranking for your business. However I can help you get pointed in the right direction.There are rules for proper content placement that can make sure you have a better ranking. I know these techniques and can look over content and code and make sure everything is properly placed. Give me a call to discuss…720-296-5708.


Contact me regarding your online presence. I have many satisfied customers and would like to add you to my list!


Services include:


  • Building a new website
  • Repairing your website
  • Updating your website
  • Website redesign
  • Custom Photography
  • Transfer your website to a new host
  • Establishing presence on Facebook
  • Website consulting
  • Advanced help for your web project
  • Organic SEO
  • Reasonable rates